Monday, 21 July 2008

Day Eight

- ha, never expected a "day eight" did you?!

Just to say that our frugality hasn't flown out of the window today. Lunch is homemade coleslaw and leftover rabbit on the last of the unsliced wholemeal loaf.

By request from the other half, dinner will be a big juicy steak...


HippyChick said...

Congratulations on getting this far I think it is great and would love to do this, When I metioned it to hubby he did not seem to shocked at the idea so who knows maybe we will give it a shot at some point :). I still think this would be a greatd project for the kids history so with some hope the kids will thik it is fun as well.

Sue said...

Thanks for the feedback Hippychick. The books listed on the blog are excellent, you should be able to get them via the library easily enough. Hope you give it a try sometime, it should bring history to life for the kids.

Robsa said...

Very interesting - well done I say! I'm afraid I would have to be VERY hungry to eat powdered egg. I think the fact that you lost 3 pounds bears testament to the healthiness of this 'diet'... certainly better than the atkins which I did once for a bet which was horrifying (who would have thought you would get sick of eating meat and lust after a slice of bread!).
I am tempted to try and talk my girlfriend into having a go at this myself. We are probably like you in that we 'cook' our food most of the time and when shopping buy no microwave or ready meals at all. We also grow our own veg and Nicky (my missus) bakes her own cakes and so on.
Thanks so much for posting it - I was most interested to read it.
What will your next challenge be I wonder? I was thinking to myself the other day how interesting it would be to experience 'total immersion' in the wartime years. You could have a hotel all kitted out in period stuff with a pub and restaurant and cafe and shops all kitted out too, and then spend a week living in 1939. You could even go so far as to have radio broadcasts from the time and such and use actors for staff. How cool would that be?! Wonder if it would be popular?



Sue said...

That sounds like a really cool idea Robsa. Unfortunately if I ran it, it would be Fawlty Towers in 1939.. with me as Basil lol

I have some great wartime radio broadcasts I got from

I've really enjoyed them.

frugal girl said...

Sue, I think what you've done is incredible! A really interesting and entertaining read.
I'm 31, single and living in a tiny flat in central london. I'm desperate to grow my own - but it's just not viable. I have considered doing the whole living on war time rations thing as a way to lose weight and enforce a healthier diet - but find it particulalry hard as a sinlge person to do that as the quantitites are generally too small to buy on their own. I know I'll just end up ducking into the cupboard for an extra bit of sugar etc. I really admire your attitude to offal and rabbit - in the war I would have had scurvy!
thanks for such an interesting and insightful blog!

Vicki said...

Hi Sue, I wonder if you will see this message. I found your blog through the Jamie Oliver website and I must say I am impressed!! You make it all sound so easy but I am sure it was harder than it reads!

What an inspiration to find people who are out there doing things like this.

Perhaps a book in the making...?

Anonymous said...

This was fascinating. Well done. I am impressed with what you made and how you planned it all out