Friday, 11 July 2008

Friday before Rationing Week begins.


Made Nutty Flip for rationing week.

8oz oats, 4oz butter/marge, 2oz sugar, a little salt, 2.5 tablespoons golden syrup.

Note: Nutty Flip is a Lancashire name for Flapjacks. The recipe I use is one I got from my mum.

Finalised main meal plan, as follows:

Monday – Trench Meat Pudding (recipe from bombers and mash) w/ mashed potatoes, beetroot tops & cabbage

1/2lb beef mince and two finely chopped onions, mixed with 2oz shredded suet and 2 cups of oatmeal. Season with salt and pepper. Mix into a thick dough with cold water. Three quarters fill a greased pudding basin. Cover with greased paper, tie down securely. Steam for 3.5 hours.

Pudding to be prepared on Sunday, so only have to pop it on to cook when home from work.

Tuesday – Hamburgers (homemade) from remaining mince.

Wednesday - Pilchards on toast w/ salad

Apple bombes (recipe from Bombers and Mash)

Mix grated raw cooking apples with condensed milk and whip. Add a little orange juice. Arrange in large spoonfuls and top with ground nuts or grated chocolate.

Thursday – Braised Goats liver and onions

Friday – Welsh Rarebit

Saturday – Baked Stuffed Rabbit

Sunday – Bacon and egg breakfast (nice treat with our 2 fresh eggs)

Chicken and bean casserole

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