Saturday, 12 July 2008

Lesson in frugality!


I found (again in Bombers and Mash.. it’s a great book, highly recommended) an item about “How to make one pound of butter two”. I HAD to have a try.

I got a half pound of nice local butter from the market, and scurried home to experiment.

As per instructions, I warmed the butter very carefully. I have a plate warmer on my hob, so used that to warm the bowl. It’s very important not to overheat the butter and allow it to “oil”. You need to warm it just enough so you can beat it with a fork into a smooth cream.

Boil a quarter pint of milk, with a pinch of salt, then allow it to cool to “blood temperature”. I took this to mean that you can stick your finger in it and it feels the same temperature as your body.

Gradually add the milk to the butter, mixing thoroughly. Some patience is required to allow the milk to cool enough… I suspect if you don’t it will go horrible!

Leave somewhere to cool.

Voila! Twice as much butter.

I started with just over 8oz of butter, and ended out with 14oz. Ok it wasn’t exactly twice as much, but the volume certainly is, filling a 1lb butter dish very nicely.

I’ve got this nagging feeling this is what butter companies must do when making their “spreadable” butters, charging you as much if not a bit more for about half the butter.

Anyway. Result! More butter for us next week. And certainly a little trick I will be employing on a regular basis.

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