Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Day Two

Last night the Trenchmeat Pudding sat a bit heavy, but I can be prone to a touch of indigestion with stodgy foods. I get the same problem with too much pastry.

Breakfast: cornflakes & milk

Lunch: salad and slice of cold Trenchmeat Pudding from yesterday. It was surprisingly nice cold. Unfortunately there is some left, which means it will be lunch tomorrow too. I think I’ll be sick of the sight of it by then. It strikes home that we don’t have the luxury to think “I don’t fancy that, what can I have instead?”

Mark had a sandwich with half a tomato (he ate the first half yesterday for his lunch), salad, and also had a portion of the cold Trenchmeat Pudding. Mark wants me to add that the Trenchmeat Pudding reminded him of a steak pudding, which is one of his favourite things!

I opted not to have bread for lunch, because of its limited supply, and I don’t want Mark to be hungry. I guess this is a typical “wifely” reaction when providing for the family. I was very hungry by the time I was waiting for my train home though.

Dinner: homemade burgers with the remaining mince from the ration, with half an onion (the first half went in the salad) a dash of Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper, served with steamed potatoes and carrots, and some freshly podded peas.

Also I’m taking some of my frozen apples out tonight, because tomorrow we have dessert.

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