Friday, 11 July 2008

Three things.

I was planning my menu last night, and a couple or three things stand out.

1. There is more food there than I thought! I don't know whether I've made an error in the meat allowance. The mince is 10d/worth, which is well within my allowance. Besides making a pie or pudding of some sort with half of it, I was going to make a couple of hamburgers for the day after. The rabbit is also allowed, and I'm making a nice meal on the Saturday when I have the time to mess about. The liver is allowed, so no problem there. I've got chicken. But it's only a couple of boneless chicken legs, not a lot of meat on them. Yet, I have a nice plan for main meals all week, and don't feel like we will be going short. And I'm sure I haven't used all the ration for two people.

2. The more I read, the more I note that main meals were often taken at lunch time, with a tea of bread and butter, a little cake, probably a salad. I work full time. I leave the house before 0730, and commute for an hour each way. We are going to have to do a switchround, with the traditional "tea" being packed up and taken to work for lunch. It makes me realise that in the 40s very few ladies of middle years (hem!) would have worked full time. Even with volunteer war work, or pitching in as an ARP, they would STILL get a hot meal on the table for their husband. Hats off to them! I don't know how they found the time.

3. We rarely eat dessert in our house. The 40s cookbooks I have are FULL of cunning desserts, so I thought we'd try some. I'll post one here that we are going to try early in the week. You might give it a go yourself? I have some apples in the freezer from last autumn, and a tin of condensed milk in my store cupboard. Should be interesting.

Apple Bombes (no sugar)
Mix grated raw cooking apples with condensed milk and whip. Add a little orange juice. Arrange in large spoonfuls and top with ground nuts or grated chocolate.
[recipe from Bombers and Mash]

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