Sunday, 20 July 2008

A few words from the long suffering "other half"

When Sue first mentioned it quite some time ago, i thought it was a strange idea. but knowing the types of hobbies we have had over the years, I said I would go along with it.

Sue did all the planning and research, cleared all our wonderful food we wont be able to touch. The first look at what we had to eat for a week didn't shock me that much, some good pieces of meat and a little offal (MMmmm)

This experiment was well worth doing, it would be interesting for the 20 - 30 year olds to give this ago..sadly I know this will not happen in the whole. Mainly because of work, and time to plan and time to cook.

Everybody takes for granted there will always be plenty to go around and money to buy the things that you want, micro, ready made meals, kebabs. I hope this is the case.

The thing from all this is that I really DON'T LIKE POWDERED EGGS..creation of the devil!! they smell bloody awful and tastes..well you'll have to find out yourselves.

Now I will be ready for something more exotic and looking forward to large steak (al least 2 weeks rations worth) medium rare with a rich peppered cream sauce.....oh ma god HOMER MOMENT!!!!

Please if your reading this please leave us your thought good or bad, its always good to hear other peoples thoughts.

Kind regards all


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