Tuesday, 3 June 2008

The Plan So Far

Ok. I think I'm about there. Apart from waiting for my dried eggs, and having a little experiment with them before the event itself, I have a plan.

Please note: The following plan is for TWO adults for ONE week.

8oz of ham or bacon
8oz of cheese

8oz of margarine
4oz of butter

16oz of sugar
4oz of tea (about 30 teabags), coffee unrationed but less commonly drunk than now.

2 eggs
6 pints of milk
half of a packet of skimmed milk,
half packet of dried eggs

4oz of jam (I have a couple of jars of leftover bramble jam from last autumn, so will include those in my allowance)
6oz of sweets

Bread, not always available, but will allow 1 large loaf for the week.

Vegetables and potatoes were not rationed, am also working on principal that I have a garden and am Digging For Victory… so will allow seasonal veg and herbs

Sausages, game, liver and offal, not rationed, but may be scarce. I will include a rabbit in the weeks rations, and either a little liver or heart. It's the wrong season for duck or venison.

2s/4d worth of meat per week (for 2 adults remember) and for that you could buy -
Shoulder lamb at 1/2per lb.
Minced meat at 10d. per lb.
beef pieces at 1/- per lb.
Breast mutton at 8d. per lb.

I will have to see what is available when I do the experiment, but initially suspect I will invest in a pound of mince at 10d, leaving me 1/6.

Store Cupboard
I will allow myself to have the following in the pantry.
1 pkt oats
1 pkt dried peas
1 pkt dried butter beans
1 pkt dried fruit
baking soda
salt & pepper
1 pkt cornflakes (Him Indoors will miss his Frosties ! )

All stock will be homemade.

I am going to make a cake or some scones or something for the week. I'll let you know which one I decide on. I'll have to remove the ingredients from my weekly allowance. I think it will be a good "dried egg" experiment.

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