Monday, 2 June 2008

Dried Eggs

I remember seeing dried eggs on a supermarket shelf (in the baking section) a few years ago, so I thought I'd go for a hunt this weekend.

Not a thing!

Off to the internet I toddled....

The first thing I discovered is that dried egg is used in fishing bait. The problem with buying from bait shops seemed to be that they sold in kilograms, a tad more than I need, and I really don't fancy buying something that is destined to be fishing bait.

My next stop was bodybuilding... and I found somewhere that sells whole egg powder in 100g batches. It was a bit of a search, because lots of places just sell powdered egg white, or powdered egg yolk. Anyway, I've got an order in for 100g, the equvilent to 8 whole eggs, which should be plenty for my experiment.

I have since found an ebay seller that does powdered egg for baking, but their 250g is more than I needed, and slightly more expensive than the bodybuilding place.

If my transaction goes smoothly, I'll post up a link to the online shop.


Store in a cool dry place and
replace the lid of the tin after.
To turn a dried egg into a fresh one,
mix one level tablespoon of the power with two tablespoon of water, this mixture
equals one fresh egg.
Now treat the egg as you would a fresh one. Don’t
make up more egg then is necessary. Beat as usual before adding to other

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